Top Uganda Tech Companies gear up for the Tech Expo at the Africa Blockchain Conference 2019

Renown Uganda and Global tech companies will gather at the Kampala Serena Conference Center for a two-day tech expo that will coincide with the 2nd edition of the Africa Blockchain Conference on 3rd and 4th July.

Organized by CryptoSavannah and the Blockchain Association of Uganda, working in collaboration with the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, the tech expo will bring together developers, brands, marketers, technology providers, designers, innovators and tech evangelistslooking to set the pace in the world of technology.

Some of the Uganda companies set to participate in the tech expo will be showcasing the next generation of technology and innovation; Ubuntu group, Yo Uganda, KLF Coin, Kwiksy, Century Group, Huobi, giving them an opportunity to show off their work to consumers, investors, press and the public.

Kwiksy serves as a global-market ‘digital mall’ for on demand services, allows users to to make quick and easy payments both locally and internationally, as well as giving them the opportunity to communicate with contacts, businesses. The app is available on Google Play and the Apple App store, the app allows use of various currencies and is available in over 30 countries.

Yo Uganda Limited (Yo!) is an award winning technology solutions company based in Uganda that develops solutions to leverage various mobile platforms such as Mobile Money, SMS, USSD and IVR to deliver value to our customers. The company’s solutions deliver significant operational benefits to its customers such as increased efficiency in processes, reduced costs, accelerated growthand increased profitability.

KLF Coin is a crypto currency built for everyone. KLF Coin originates from South Korea and is built on the Blockchaintechnology backed by KL Standard Finance. KLF Coin offers its users financial freedom to trade on a large network freely.

The tech expo will provide inspiration for many people as well as an education platform on how technology is evolving and how it can impact businesses for greater growth. As the conference focuses on preparing Africa for the 4th Industrial Revolution, we will also run the Africa 4.0 Tech Expo which will showcase an experiential virtual tour and practical demonstrations of 4IR technologies under one roof” said CryptoSavannah Director, Noah Baalesanvu.

The Dome will be the centerpiece of the Tech Expo where visitors will experience IoT functioning within a smart home, the speed of 5G connectivity, the impact of artificial intelligence in our everyday lives, how drones and robotics are changing the fields of agriculture and manufacturing, how augmented reality and virtual reality are changing healthcare, and the utility of autonomous vehicles in our lives, and much more. The tech expo is open to all members of the public with an entrance fee of UGX 15,000.

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