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The Uganda international Cultural Tourism Festival ( Ekyooto) set

Preparations for the biggest cultural expo in Uganda are underway and progressing well. Different teams from within and out of Uganda can’t wait for September to showcase the best of their cultures. The Karamajongs and Banyankore who emerged the best Uganda Cultural exhibitors are prepared to defend their positions. The organizing team is reliably informed that the Busoga and Madi community are in the course of renovating their cultural villages at Uganda Museum so that their home is in good place. Uganda Museum hosts about 16 cultural villages including that of Busoga, Buganda, Bakiga, Banyankore, Madi, Acholi among others. During the cultural fair every region takes over their cultural village and camps around it to showcase their respective cultures inform of music, food, drinks, legends,poetry, ancient games, fashion among other aspects. These villages help to establish a sense of cultural solidarity amongst Ugandans from the different regions.

The Indian community is not any less prepared, they emerged the best international exhibitors in 2017, their counter parts the Turkish community are not any less prepared as well with their team of Turkish women who overwhelmed the revelers with amazing Turkish cuisines at last years festival.

Exciting to note is that there will be an African welcome cocktail with all the different regions presenting their foods and drinks in their best ways! Imagine a cocktail of omuramba & entulire from our friends the bakiga, obushera from the banyankore, ajono from Teeso, omubisi and tonto from Buganda, Arjono or Malwa as it’s commonly known among other drinks and great african food snacks prepared in the most innovative, attractive and exciting ways.

All this and more at the third edition of Uganda International Cultural Fair (Ekyooto ) from 21st – 23rd September 2018 at Uganda Museum! Come experience the unique cultures of the world in one spot, it’s a three day cultural celebration you don’t need to miss.

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