Thank You!!!! StarTimes launches a “1 to 3” project to reward subscribers

The world recently celebrated Mother’s Day despite the hard times considering the COVID-19 lockdown where people must stay home.

Family time is always warm, especially when everyone can leisurely enjoy watching the content he or she likes in their respective homes.

As a way of fulfilling the viewing requirement of a family, StarTimes has launched a “1 to 3” project available in long term, to reward each Pay TV subscriber with 3 free membership rights on the StarTimes ON App.

With this reward, all the family members are able to watch their favorite content simultaneously on various devices.

The project aims at providing more possibilities and alternatives for all family members to enjoy their stay at home especially with the StarTimes ON App which has already been applied by over 20 million users in Africa.

This handy application can provide the users with 150+ live TV channels and 20000hrs+ movies and TV series.

Simply link your smart card with the StarTimes ON app, watch all the VIP programs available on your TV bouquet on the app for free and enjoy the convenient self-service. One decoder can be linked to three different StarTimes ON accounts, so your family can enjoy exciting content at the same time on various devices. Enjoy happy moments anytime anywhere. Get the App now at or download it on Google Play and iOS App Stores.

Users of StarTimes ON can enjoy the same quality of HD performance of videos with less data consumption at around 30% compared to the other Apps in the same category. All content can be watched in HD or SD depending on your preference. Most content can be downloaded to your phone for later watching. These features make the StarTimes ON a desirable and convenient platform to be on during the pandemic.

“We appreciate the support of our audience and would like to have them rewarded with more access to the content during these tough times of the pandemic. The various ways in which different family members can watch and enjoy content via the Startimes ON App will be satisfactory,”’said Isma Lule, the Brand & Marketing Director at StarTimes Uganda.

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