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Pictorial: Mesmerizing photos that rocked social media last week unleashed

Denzel Shantel- October 5, 2020

In the past week, celebrities and fashionistas as well as slay queens unleashed some of the gorgeous pictures to their fans and followers. The photos ... Read More

Pictorial: These are photos that rocked your Saturday on social media

Denzel Shantel- August 15, 2020

Our celebrities, slay queens, fashionistas and individuals have spiced up our Saturday with stunning poses.  The photos look mesmerizing and saucy on social media and ... Read More

Pictorial: Here is how celebrities rocked Friday

Denzel Shantel- August 14, 2020

Weekend is here and calling for kinds styles for those who love slaying.  Friday is always a day for stylers to show off and today ... Read More

Pictorial: Sizzling photos that rocked social media unleashed

Denzel Shantel- August 2, 2020

Deep into the weekend, this is how our celebrities, slay queens and fashionistas rocked social media on Saturday. Television stars Argatha Loswash and Tinah Teise ... Read More

Pictorial: Check out ladies who spiced up social media today

Denzel Shantel- July 17, 2020

As we go into the weekend, top fashionistas, slay queens, celebrities took to their social media handles to spice up the day with sizzling images. ... Read More

Pictorial: Today’s Social Media catch up

Denzel Shantel- July 14, 2020

As we end the day, this is how camera lovers slayed for us today. Rwanda stunning socialite leads today’s pack with another smashing photos. Fashionista ... Read More

Pictorial: Who posted what on social media today

Denzel Shantel- June 27, 2020

This is what camera lovers posted on their respective pages on social media  Juliet Zawedde  Bosslady, entrepreneur and philanthropist posted moments with her hubby and ... Read More

Part II: Kampala’s sexiest girls unveiled

Anthony Nash- January 31, 2020

Like we did a few weeks ago, we are back at it again with a list featuring more of Kampala’s hottest and sexiest women. Some ... Read More

A friendship built discovering the world

Denzel Shantel- September 10, 2019

Meet the girls who have bonded traveling world over You might have seen them on social media posting their pictures on holiday at some of ... Read More

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