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Pictorial: Today’s Social Media catch up

As we end the day, this is how camera lovers slayed for us today.
Rwanda stunning socialite leads today’s pack with another smashing photos. Fashionista Bettinah Tianah rocked also.

Doreen Kabareebe was mesmerizing today and  here is a full list of slayed today;

Bettinah Tianah, Gloria Lindwa, Juliet Zawedde, Nkurunziza Aggy, Tinah Teise, Monroe Huddah, Victoria Kimani, Sheilah Parker, Shaddy Boo, Doreen Kabareebe, Debie Kagisha, Prim Asiimwe, Lindah Lisa, Kim K Nash, Bridget Namanya, Kim Kardashian, Spice Diana, Alicia Bosschic, Ykee Benda, Natacha Ndahiro, Martha Kay, Gloriah Tashkim.

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