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A friendship built discovering the world

Meet the girls who have bonded traveling world over

You might have seen them on social media posting their pictures on holiday at some of the best destinations across the world, they are  not Europeans, Americans or Chinese but our very own girls from here.
These seven girls have built a friendship discovering the world and their bonding is for like biological sisters.
While many girls who travel across to those luxurious holiday destinations are under sponsorship of some misters, to these ones it’s passion built out of their personal savings.
Tinah Teise, the Login Extra on NTV Uganda presenter recently shared that for her she is aiming at promoting tourism especially for Africa to the world.
As a group, they have travelled to Dubai, Seychelles, US, Spain, Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Ethiopia and many other parts of the world.
Well, many people think that travelling is expensive, an assumption these two cannot help debunking. “It is actually not, especially if you are in a group of people you consider friends,” says Asha one do the girls.

“You need to find the opportune time and also book beforehand. For example, during the summer tickets and hotel fares are hiked. You cannot afford to travel during that time or you will pay double what you would have paid if it was not summer.”

“It helps if you are with friends. There are things such as money that are very tricky to discuss. You would not be comfortable on a trip with people you barely know. What if you run out of cash, and you are not comfortable with the people around you,” Teise shares.

“Because of budgets and sometimes itinerary hiccups, you might find yourself sharing a room or even a bed in a strange city after a night of heavy partying. It becomes quite tricky to share a bed with people you do not know, yet in this case it can help you keep within your budget,” Asha adds.

“You also need to have a leader whose role is not to boss you around but to keep tabs with the travel agency,” says Teise.

“Travelling is fun when you have all things under control. Someone should be there to tell you that you have to leave because if you do not, you might miss your flight, which will mean incurring an extra cost.”

Asha shares that to add a little more fun to the mix, if you choose to travel as friends, get a joint theme which guides you on everything from the clothes you will wear to the kind of pictures you will post.

“It works for us like magic.”

Their goal? It is quite clear — to have fun. “We want to travel the world, see all the beautiful places away from home and basically have as much fun as we can,” Teise notes.

These girls are;

Fatumah Asha

Asha is a renowned fashion designer with a very successful label. She runs a fashion school called Tesi Fashion School where she trains and mentors upcoming designers. She also operates and manages a string of other businesses.

Stacy Kyomuhangi

She is a businesswoman running an Internet café, gym and a salon. She is also a real estate dealer.

Mwaj Ahmed

Ahmed is a fashionista who owns a fashion retail shop called Mwajz Store at Equatorial Mall. She also operates a wholesale shop downtown.

Umy Lynn

Owns and manages a travel agency.

Tina Teise

Teise hosts the Login Extra show on NTV. She also owns and manages her own production company and a fashion house.

Gloria Namulindwa

Namulindwa is a money lender.

Prim Asiimwe

She a radio personality at Galaxy FM and events MC.

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