Part II: Kampala’s sexiest girls unveiled

Part II: Kampala’s sexiest girls unveiled

Like we did a few weeks ago, we are back at it again with a list featuring more of Kampala’s hottest and sexiest women. Some of these ladies are head turners on social scene while others in the corporate world… Read on…

Prim Asiimwe

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The Galaxy FM presenter and City MC is surely up there on the list. The sizzling continues to spice up radio and social event. She is making it big on events and air waves.

Shan Keeza

This makeup artist is going places. While her business needs a bit of show off, she is playing the game well. She is always glamorous and looks every inch hot.

Tracy Kakuru

Yes she is in the corporate world and she has been described as the hottest corporate employee around. She makes us feel the beautiful ones are already born.

Lucy Bunyenyezi

The Tanqueray brand ambassador in Uganda is unmistakably one of the hottest babes on the social scene. Her presence spices up the social scene as well as media pages.

Gloria Lindwa

Being a member of Travelling Girlfriends you know what it means. She is slowly making herself felt on the social scene. Recently while on holiday in Mombasa and Zanzibar, she bombarded us with stunning bikini pictures as she hit the beach. She is hot and a stunner who always spices up any social event.

Dianah Nabatanzi

The BBS Terefayina ‘Kirikitya’ Entertainment show presenter is taking over as one of the fastest rising television personalities. Her brand is growing and with her beauty, she will surely shine for some good years to come.

Mutoni Robinah

She deals in hair and owns Hairby Color chic and she is regarded as one of the most beautiful African ladies. She is a bombshell.

Jenny Nasasira

The media personality is one good thing to have ever happened to the media. She is a stunning beauty who you meet and you are like wow have finally met the queen.

Quin Quintin

Yeah she is one queen who knows how to do things. She is a head turner in town who describes herself as a nice person but only if you don’t mess with her.

Mimi Heavens

This beauty knows how to live life. She doesn’t stress herself and is one jolly person who knows her hustle. At the moment, she is one of the most thought after girls in Kampala. She says “Don’t ever be afraid to shine. Remember, the sun doesn’t give a ‘fuck’ if it blinds you”.

Umuhirewase Sandrine

This sexiest babe is a regular on social scene and she has been the host of some night at Starbucks Bar Bunga. The sexy beauty is shining on social scene and male creature are yearning for her.

Lynda Ddane

The NTV The Beat co-presenter is climbing the television ladder. Her Instagram is blazing with hot images from the star. She is making men stay glued on NTV Uganda screens than never before.

Lili Bae

This hot socialite hosts ‘Nyama Na Chupa’ night at Starbucks Bunga. She is becoming one of Kampala’s babe of the moment.

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