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Photos: Sheilah Parker rocks at Speke Resort Munyonyo

Sheilah Parker is determined to rock us more this year according to the look of things.

The stunning beauty was spotted at Speke Resort Munyonyo looking like she was a sibling of the famous Kardashian family.

The ‘She Boss’ looked stunning as she hit Munyonyo based resort to have some quality time.

After enjoying herself, the sexy socialite shared pictures on her social media with words “Life is Color”. Enjoy!!!

Agriculture Minister, Attorney General dragged to court over unlawful appointment

Wednesday Lauben, a Ugandan of sound mind has dragged the Attorney General (AG) together with Hon. Vicent Bamulangaki Sempijja Minster of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries and National Animal Genetic Resource Center and Data Bank (NAGRC&DB) over the appointment of Mr. Kifudde Wandera Wilberforce as the Technical Manager Production of NAGRC&DB.
Mr. Wednesday Lauben said the appointment of Mr. Kifudde Wandera Wilberforce to serve as an officer of NAGRC&DB when he has already exceeded the mandatory retirement of 60 years is ultravires and in contravention of the law. Mr. Kifudde is now 64 years old.
Wednesday has called for the Judicial review challenging improper appointment of Kifudde by the Minister saying there is abuse of office because Kifudde is in the bracket of retirement age.
Mr Wednesday represented by Credo Advocates wants Judicial Review to order of certiorari to quash the purported appointment of Mr. Kifudde Wandera Wilberforce as the Technical Manager production of NAGRC&DB, He wants an order of mandamus compelling the minister to have in place a legally instituted board to run the affairs of NAGRC&DB, He also wants court to order for a permanent injunction restraining NAGRC&DB from continuing to employ Mr. Kifudde Wandera Wilberforce as the Technical Manager, Production following his impugned appointment in that office unless due legal process is followed and an order of prohibition prohibiting NAGRC&DB from allowing Mr. Kifudde Wandera Wilberforce to serve in as Technical Manager, production following his impugned appointment.
Kifudde was appointed on 24th September 2019 and Mr Wednesday reasons out that the Minister’s appointment ultravires  his powers, illegal and without authority and mandate.
It is said the law gives such mandate of such an appointment to be made by the Board of Directors of NAGRC&DB not the minister.
It is also said the current tenure of Board of Directors expired in May 2018 and no other board has been constituted since then.
Mr Wednesday also said the Minister has reneged on his mandate under the law of appointing a new Board of Directors for a period of now more than half a year.
With this Judicial Review, a total of 13 other work mates of Kifudde are set to lose their jobs because they aren’t legally in office.
Below are documents calling for Judicial Review;

Photos: Mwaj Ahmed is the Latest hottie rocking us in Bikini

I’m no longer concerned over not knowing who the hottest model in Kampala is because Mwaj Ahmed has been at the forefront of bringing us sexy galore over the last months and still unleashing more.

Mwaj Ahmed is our latest discovery, and as you can tell from this photo shoot, this girl knows how to rock a teeny bikini while beside water bodies.

She has become a darling on Instagram and her photos are stunning. They have made male species salivate. Here are her latest photos. Enjoy!!!

Photos: Hottest images causing scrotal eruptions on WhatsApp platforms unveiled

WhatsApp platform is one of the most interesting social media platforms which has seen several people enjoy images which can’t be seen on any that platforms.

WhatsApp privacy has made it peoples’ favourite to enjoy erotic, hot and fascinating images of ladies.

Here are the images making men go hungry this week on some of the WhatsApp groups. Enjoy!!

Hotel cleaner who stole sperm from a used condom won child support battle

A 40-year-old Las Vegas hotel cleaner won a child support battle against a 28-year-old millionaire who she never slept with.

Jane was 36 when she stole a used condom from a then 24-year-old tech millionaire’s hotel garbage can.

She inserted the semen inside her vagina and became pregnant with a baby boy who is now 4-years-old.

During the child support hearing, Jane confessed that she never slept with the young millionaire and that she impregnated herself with his sperm while she was cleaning his room.

“He left his bank statement on the nightstand in his hotel room and I saw it when I was cleaning, at the time I wanted a baby so bad and I thought it would be better if I had a baby with a rich man”

The paternity test where conducted and the young millionaire is the father. The court ordered him to pay the mother of the child $2 million for the 3 years of his son’s life he missed.

His lawyer says his client is planning to pursue other legal actions against the mother for stealing is personal belongings and violating his privacy.

Meanwhile, Jane had quit the hotel cleaning job and started a few businesses with her newfound fortune, she still has full custody of her child whom she named after his father.

Bruce, Patience off the shelf

Bushenyi youthful businessman Bruce Muhumuza is finally quitting cold nights officially this weekend.

He is set to walk down the aisle his sweet lover Patience (Pesho) Nduhukire on Saturday 26th at All Saints Cathedral Nakasero.

The couple will then host their guests to a lavish ceremony at Lubowa Gardens along Entebbe Road.

Bruce’s stag party is slated to take place on Thursday 24th October at the plush Guvnor Club Kampala.

Patience was officially given to Bruce on 12th October at her father Twebaze Richard’s home in Ishaka, Bushenyi district.

Ebonies star Sulayinah ends social media blackout after her nudes leaked

The Ebonies actress Princess Becky Jjuuko real name Sulayinah Nangendo has ended her social media self imposed exile after her nudes were leaked by her ex American lover Dr. Ahmed Waqar.
It also marked the return of the star to the stage.
Ahmed and Sulayinah hooked up to each other through online and later kick off romance and would freely exchange love things including nude photos.
Their online romance didn’t turn into a physical one with Dr. Ahmed accusing the actress of denying him the opportunity to marry her yet she had agreed.
Yesterday she came back into online after a month and plus on social media exile because of her leaked nudes.
She posted pictures with these words, “Caption this,,, it’s been a while”

Photos: Shandrella’s hottest semi-Nude pictures unleashed

Even Shandrella (Komuntale), a socialite and artist manager at Cosy AfriKane Productions is surely stunning.
The Dark skinned beauty is extremely comfortable with showing off her mesmerizing body.
If you are looking for something to cool your mind, and tickle your feelings, Shandrella’s pictures will definitely be it.
If you are looking for bikini pictures that will make your day, look no further than those of Even.