Stabex International Fighting Environmental conservation with affordable Gas

Stabex International Fighting Environmental conservation with affordable Gas

Oil and Gas giant, Stabex International, has introduced affordable gal cylinders to save the environment.

Management of the company told this website that they are up fighting for environmental conservation through reducing deforestation and pollution by making usage of gas affordable and accessible to the community.

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Recently their Marketing Manager Mr. Otim Gilbert spearheaded a campaign and handed over gas cylinders to several individuals in a campaign dubbed ‘Hire purchase’ where you would ask them and they deliver.

With a proven performance records, Stabex International are the best Fuel and Gas company of your choice at the moment.

Their customer service is focused on providing consistently reliable levels of service in the customer order fulfilment process. This relies on the seamless integration of distribution, sales and administration functions.

On their Gas: One of the most widely used and reliable ways to cook when camping is using gas. There are a few options available, from lightweight camping cylinders for, to heavy duty gas cylinders suitable for group catering. Whichever type of cylinder you go for, cooking with gas is the most easy way of cooking for most people. With this, Stabex brings you Stabex Gas cylinders ranging from 6kg to help ease your life.

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