Sheila Gashumba’s products hit world Market

Television star Sheila Gashumba is so excited about her hair and glasses business whose products are now being used worldwide.


While posting on her social media platforms, Sheila bragged of how her Gash Glam hair and Sunglasses are worldwide used products.


She showcased it with pictures of Shakira DeBank, wife to South African based showy businessman Katsha DeBank who used Gash Glam hair and Sunglasses.

Shakira DeBank based in South Africa rocking in Sheila Gashumba's products
Shakira DeBank based in South Africa rocking in Sheila Gashumba’s products

Sheila’s products are on demand as most of her products are delivered on order and paid for in advance by most celebrated personalities around the country.


Sheila Gashumba
Sheila Gashumba

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