Sexy Umulungi shares Christmas with the needy

This is the festive season and the best way to celebrate it is sharing and giving to the needy and this is what Diaspora based Fortune Umulungi Kaburahe. It’s one of those the things she does for the community.

While doing her doing her degree in psychosocial studies, Fortune volunteered at the Welcome Project centre in Ilford. This centre provides rehabilitation, food, clothing, medical facilities and hygiene facilities for homeless people.

Fortune has shared her Christmas with the needy

Fortune has shared her Christmas with the needy

After her graduation, she wondered what she could do other than continue volunteering. So she decided that she would be providing a Christmas treat to them.

She started last year and this year is her second time she is doing it and many people have offered to give them something.

Today she delivered her Christmas yet again. The UK based lady is loved by many because of her big heart and ever present smile. Talk of never forgetting where you are from. Fortune also doubles as Grajoh Marketing Manager.

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