Serena monthly members championship tees off

Serena monthly members championship tees off

The monthly Serena Kigo Golf Resort membership championship teed off on Friday February 28 at the picturesque golf course.

Richard Mucunguzi was the overall winner scoring 42 points in the inaugural tournament that was sponsored by Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve.

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“The tournament will be happening every last Friday of the month and will run over the next ten months culminating into the grand Serena Johnnie Walker Championship in December, “ Theodor van  Rooyen said

Members will be earning points every month they take part and seven of their best monthly  scores will  cumulatively be used to select the overall winner.

“We shall select seven out of ten scores because our members are busy,they travel all over the world and we know they can’t make it for every event but we encourage them to always make time,” Theo said.

Koshiba Hisea   was the ladies winner scoring 39 points and the runner up was  Marth Babirye with 26 points.

Playing off Handicap 7 David Plenderith was the Group Amen’s winner with 36 points.

“Last year Johnnie Walker partnered with Serena Kigo as we launched this magnificent golf course, we are proud that our partnership is now on a monthly basis,” Said Uganda Breweries  Head of Luxury Portfolio Annette Nakiyaga.

Nakiyaga also took home a trophy as the  winner in the ladies guest category

Overall winner     Richard Mucunguzi    28H/C  42pts

Members Men

Winner Group A    Plenderlith David  7H/C 36Pts

Runner Up          Kin Karisa    8H/C   31Pts

Winner Group B  Nassasira John  16H/C 39PTS

Runner up    John Byagambi   10H/C  37PTSCB

Winner Group C  Suresh Patel  23 H/C  31PTS

Runner up   Joseph Yiga 22H/C  30PTSCB

Members Ladies

Winner   Koshiba Hisea  36H/C 39PTS

Runner Up  Martha Babirye  4H/C 26  PTS

Guest Winners

Guest  Winner Men   Kagoro Marvin  12H/C  35 PTS

Guest Runner up Men   Albie Edwards 7H/C  34 PTS

Guest winner – Ladies   Annette Nakiyaga  36H/C 36PTS

Guest   Runner up – 5H/C  34PTS


Nearest to the pin – Nahabwe innocent

Longest drive men –Paul Rukundu

Nearest to the pin ladies –Magala Eva

Longest drive ladies- Babirye Martha

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