Scribe Brenda Eunice Rumoured Pregnant

It’s apparently rumoured that Denmark based Ugandan journalist who works for a Danish advertising agency, movie and television studio called has finally been ballooned after sleeping without knickers.Brenda Eunice Derek is rumoured to be pregnantBrenda Eunice Derek is rumoured to be pregnant

The sexy babe conceded a spot kick from his long time boyfriend Derek Diaz who too lives in the Schengen, Denmark. Our source says she is around four months pregnant and she is happy with new development in her life though she was a little stressed in the beginning because of reasons best known to her.

Wwhen we contacted Brenda, she denied these allegations but her Facebook page too clearly tells that she is pregnant with her only posting pictures of her summer moments. We dare her to post her current pictures of course which will show her not having her flat tummy any more. Watch the space!

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