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Sasha Juicy Sugar dubbed new queen of boobs in Kampala

New Queen of boobs has been born on Kampala social scene, we can confirm. Sasha Juicy Sugar popularly known by names of Beau Sasha Tian on social media left men salivating during the ‘Girls In The City’ night at Atmosphere Lounge on Tuesday night.

Booblicious: Sasha Juicy Sugar (L)

The booby babe was seen shaking her boobs all night like they contained the whole of river Nile.

“If you marry a lady like Sasha, you don’t need to buy a pillow because she has a pair of them which is even natural,” a salivating Allan was overheard commenting.

And what is more fun is that Sasha loves teasing revelers with her boobs by twisting them while partying. Watch the space!!!!!

Follow Sasha Juicy Sugar on Facebook through this link https://web.facebook.com/beausasha.tian?fref=mentions

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