Salvado to launch weekly comedy show  

Salvado to launch weekly comedy show  

Uganda’s funniest man Patrick Idring Salvado is set launch a weekly comedy show dubbed ‘Just Comedy Ug’. The official launch is slated for this Wednesday 31st at Kingdom Kampala Mall at former Shimoni School. Top East African comedian Eric Omondi will grace the launch alongside Napoleone Ehma, Ronnie McVex, Uncle Mark, Omukebete, Akite Agnes, Smart Ayokyayokya and of course alongside the host Patrick Idringi Salvado. Fee is 20k and 50K for ordinary and VIP respectively.

Salavdo had this to say about the launch;

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“I have the pleasure to announce with a lot of pride that on Wednesday 31st July 2019, I will be launching my weekly Comedy show Just Comedy Ug at the prestigious Kingdom Kampala Mall. The show will be every Wednesday from 6pm and you can get the tickets online (No queuing) at

So many people have in boxed me asking why has it taken me this long, so many negative reasons attached to the launch of my show by some people but most importantly the positive vibe i have received has been overwhelming……. all I can say is everything has its time. It’s taken me this long coz I’m a perfectionist, I really wanted the right combination of all factors to do a great show from location to date to sponsors to colleagues to comedians etc I needed the right formula. Last year I did The Comic, a show that got amazing reviews and has accorded me some of the freshest young talented comedians that you and everyone else that comes for the show are going to enjoy.

I’m so proud that I’ve been part of the launches of all successful comedy shows in town, I’ve freely shared my experience and talent on all these shows because there is a lot of blessings that come with uplifting each other. This industry has too much potential if we work together, and it’s this togetherness that propelled us to form an association which I’m proud to serve in the capacity of Vice president after being voted by the comedians under the umbrella unopposed. I feel honored coz I believe this position of leadership has been partly because of my contribution in seeing the industry succeed by uplifting other people.

I’m not about to stop supporting those who need my help and I urge every comedian who believe they have what it takes to make people laugh to never hesitate to contact myself, Napoleone Ehmah or Musiimenta Ronnie McVex who have played a significant role as the main brains behind the birth of Just Comedy.

So please join me and the rest of the comedians as we celebrate the red carpet launch of a new comedy show this Wednesday from 6pm and experience what time and patience can make you put together…. We look forward to hosting you,”.

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