Rick Ross opens ward at Texas Cancer Centre in Nairobi  

Rick Ross opens ward at Texas Cancer Centre in Nairobi  

Texas Cancer Centre which is known for its best hospitality and best medical attention rates on radio and chemotherapy on cancer has of late been visited by big celebrities whom amongst them are Diamond Platnumz, Omarion from the USA and just on 29th April 2018, US rapper Rick Ross had to delay his flight for 30 minutes to attend for the launch at the Texas cancer centre before he flew back to the USA for a big concert that he was scheduled to attend.

Rick Ross together with NRG boss and the entourage of 20 classy cars with a police escort made its way at the event that was graced by the CEO Dr. Catherine Nyongesa whose birthday was on the same day, did welcome him whereby he gave his short speech of appreciation on the fight against cancer.

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Before the visit, his managers had to scrutinize the premise online and on ground seriously before the security gave an okay for him to attend the event due to his standards and also health since he had just woken up after a long performance and late sleep after his show at Carnivore.

Texas cancer centre CEO has hosted the likes of Wahu, Rapdamu on previous occasions of cancer awareness. Nameless and Kidum also graced Dr Catherine Nyongesa birthday party together with the hospital staff who were all entertained by E the DJ.

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