‘Proud Farmer’ Bettina excited over Bryan White Foundation deal

‘Proud Farmer’ Bettina excited over Bryan White Foundation deal

Former media personality and ex 93.3 KFM music producer turned farmer, Bettina Tumuhaise, has said she is so excited to work with Bryan White Foundation.

Bettina was yesterday received at Bryan White Foundation podium to present her Farming Proposal and budget which also included a budget of tools for 300 farmers in Zirobwe, Gayaza where her farms are located.

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In the a length statement which she posted on her social media, Bettina said it’s an honor to work with the foundation where Bryan White said she will be appointed ambassador for farming under the foundation.

The foundation’s team will pay a visit to her farms in Gayaza in a fact finding mission to establish how far she has gone.

The team will also meet a group of farmers under her umbrella who also set to benefit from the foundation.

Bettina described Bryan White as a nice, humble, welcoming and hardworking person. She praised the work of the foundation of Awakening The Youths From Poverty.

Below is her full statement;



So last Thursday, I took a leap of faith and wrote an open letter to the Bryan White Foundation, with the help of many of you (of course, through your social media shares, reactions and comments), the message reached some big wigs at the Foundation.

In my letter was a budget for a group of village farmers, I have always nursed this dream to assist them, but this had never come to pass because of my current financial standing, especially if I was to scale and sustain the dream to grow more legs. But that’s soon about to become past tense.

I am beyond humbled for having been given an opportunity to interact with all ‘Podiumians’ this morning, ba-guy, you are very good people.

By the way it is always better to always take time to listen to the other side of the story, Bryan White is actually a nice person, humble and welcoming, the thing is sometimes people don’t like brutally honest people but well, life can’t be the way you want it sometimes you need bitter sweet love.

You must be wondering where I am going with this, so the budget (in fact the dream) will be taken care of, in fact this Thursday, all the Farmers will receive the tools I asked for live from my village Kakooni-Vvumba,I am smiling head to toe, ear to nose and even my left elbow is smiling, it takes a lot of confidence to be this woman.

Oooh did I say that together with his foundation, he is going to visit my farm and see how he can help me to take it to another level????ooooh please I am sorry hadn’t mentioned that part.

In other related news, I have been appointed to be in charge of farming projects under the Bryan White Foundation ??#proudfarmer

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