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Prime Minister visits Liao Shen Industrial Park at Namunkekera

Rt. Hon Ruhakana Rugunda, the Prime Minister of Uganda visited Laio Shen Industrial Park on 8th June, 2018 and toured Goodwill Ceramic Uganda Co. Ltd that produces wall and floor tiles made of materials sourced locally in Uganda. The Prime Minister also visited Ho & Mu Food Technology factory that processes Mangoes and Pineapples for export to China.

The Prime Minister was received by the Chief coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) and Mr. Zhang Hao the Chairman/Managing Director of Laio Shen Industrial Park.

The hosts briefed the Prime Minister on the recently passed Investment Bill in Parliament and expressed their concern that it will deter investment due to its far-fetched conditions and hiked threshold that is not practical. Gen. Saleh said the physical planning of Kapeeka is another challenge that needs addressing in order to achieve holistic development.  Mr. Zhang Hao advised the Prime Minister to control the vice of changing policies otherwise could scare away investors.

On the part of Rt. Hon Prime Minister, he highly commended Gen. Salim Saleh for championing the Economic Revolution in Kapeeka. “This is the most serious project that I have seen that will transform Uganda from a backward to a modern economy” Rugunda said.

“It will create jobs and enhance import substitution” He added.

“It is a major transformation project and I’m glad our brothers the Chinese are at a heart of it”

The Prime Minister emphasized that government is credible and will stick to its commitments with Liao Shen Industrial Park.

Rugunda welcomed the type of industries at Kapeeka like, Maize processing, fruit processing, tiles manufacturing, electric cable manufacturing, electronics assembly, starch manufacturing and Vegetable oil processing as essential for the economy of Uganda.

“I was happy to see quality tiles manufactured in Uganda and our fruits are not going to rot” . Rugunda observed.

He directed that UNBS should facilitate the operators quickly to ensure standard compliance and export to other markets. The Prime Minister also informed OWC to take part in farmer registration.

Liao Shen Industrial Park is scheduled to host H.E Wang Yang, the Chairman of Chinese People’s Consultative Political Conference (CPPCC) among the activities of his official visit to Uganda from 13th – 16th, June 2018.

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