Pictorial: ‘Roping’ up local Tourism to the next level

Pictorial: ‘Roping’ up local Tourism to the next level

A group of passionate Ugandans have embarked on promoting tourism locally through organizing trips to discover Uganda’s Tourism potential.

Under their umbrella ‘Team Ropes’ named after Ropes Liquors, a hangout in Kyanja off Kisaasi Road where they regularly gather to catch a drink and discuss as ‘Bazikulu’.

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To Ropers, it’s not just about hanging out together and drinking but discovering the beauty Uganda through organizing trips across the country.

They started off with a trip to Kalangala island where they showcased beauty over there through sharing pictures on their individual and different platforms which in the end attracts other interested parties to visit the area.

Their second trip was a visit to Tourism city over the weekend and it was an amazing one (in the pictures). Pictures shared have unleashed Fort Portal’s Tourism potential locally and internationally.

These ladies and gentlemen have showed that there are things to enjoy in the country and have decided to expose them to the world. Ropers confessed that uganda is peaceful and secure having traversed the whole of Semuliki without experiencing any insecurity.

Next trip is within Kampala and sorrounding areas. To book space in the next trip, contact +256783512180

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