Photos: Don, Zahara enjoy each other’s company

Photos: Don, Zahara enjoy each other’s company

Spark TV ‘Live Wire’ presenter Zahara Toto had a weekend to remember down in South Africa as partied with Rich Niggaz boss Don Bahati. The socialite presenter was in Madiba land to cover 2017 Starqt Awards on behalf of Spark Tv.

And with what Bahati posted on his wall, Zahara might have had a memorable weekend down in the south.

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The two posted of pictures having playful moments as they posted together prior to the awards.

Zahara also had a one on one with Don Bahati on the red carpet at the awards ceremony.

Bahati is slated to officially his entrance on the Kampala showbiz parties calendar on 28th December 2017 with a mega party at Guvnor dubbed ‘Money and Power’.

“No more rumors it’s signed stamped and no other party in town on 28th December 2017 ‘Money & Power’ party hosted by Don Bahat Lubega at Guvnor”.

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