Patrick Idringi Salvado and Andrew Kyamagero join Development Channel

Patrick Idringi Salvado and Andrew Kyamagero join Development Channel

Uganda’s celebrated comedian Patrick Idringi popularly known by his stage name as Salvado signed a contract with Development Channel to be part of the Economic war.

Salvado joins another media personality, and NTV presenter Andrew Kyamagero for this cause. Since Development Channel is making Kampala the base of a Pan – African Economic war, these two can influence and sensitize the public on behalf of the company.

Unlimited Internet - Uganda

Patrick Idringi Salvado

Development Channel is a conglomerate of 25 start up companies, the company recently launched an Economic war to reduce the $203billion capital flight out of the continent. This private company with headquarters in Kitantale – Luzira, has a mission to change African people’s consuming habits to realize than unless they change they will continue donating money and creating jobs for people in developed countries while their own wallow in poverty.

The company has identified 25 areas where they can cause change and one of them is the no Dropout, where they sell computer tablets to public. With the No Dropout tablet, Development Channel seeks to have every Ugandan and all Africans get access to a computer and internet where over 40billion people are trading and communicating.

Salvado and Kyamagero are expected to work as ambassadors by talking about Development Channel each time they appear on TV, comment, share and like posts shared on the Company’s social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Andrew Kyamagero

Over the years, Salvado has become a popular comedian on both the local and international scene. For instance Salvador made it to the semi – finals at the World’s funniest competitions. With this, Salvador is in position to spread the message of an Economic war.

Salvado says that Development Channel’s No Dropout computer tablets signify a new revolution and self-sustenance in Africa.

“The economic strategy that is being put in place by Development Channel will enhance and empower the African people significantly in that cash outflows from the African continent as compared to cash in-flows to the continent will gradually reduce hence more economic power,” he explains.

After signing the contract with Development Channel, Andrew Kyamagero observed that Africans had failed to fight their Economic war.

“We as Africans have failed to catch up with the trends because we are not fighting our Economic wars, but rather being used as a market for goods and services produced abroad,” he says.

To disrupt and dismantle this capital flight a transnational effort led by Development channel is here to trace, cease and return the ill-gotten gains of the networks of perpetrators and facilitators who fund and profit from these Economic wars. Ultimately, the incentives for financially benefiting from repatriation will be fundamentally altered through a comprehensive strategy of financial pressure that provides the necessary leverage to drive the parties to the fundamental compromises to give sustainable economic growth a chance.

Technically, we are taking the bull by the horns starting from the children themselves. “For starters there is a computer called noDropout tablet sold through the noDropout company one of the 25 business ideas to be used in the Economic war on the African continent is in the process of developing an application to connect student, teacher and the parents,” Kyamagero wrote.

Once the mindset is illuminated and aligned am sure Africa will be free from Neo-Imperialism thus priotising Africa.

Development Channel started in November last year with 17 staff, the staff has since grown to 350 people. Very soon the company will get an addition of 5000 new staff. The new staff will receive an orientation this Wednesday and start work on Thursday this week.

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