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Bryan White Foundation reaches out to Katwe Youth

Ambassadors from Bryan White Foundation on behalf of their boss, Bryan White, on Friday reached out to youth group in Katwe, a Kampala suburb.

Bryan White Foundation ambassadors Ssegujja Herbert Mendo and Bettina Tumuhaise Praising alongside the foundation team visited Ngabo Youth Friendly Service Centre (NYSC) in Katwe, Old Kampala to awaken and inspire the youths as the foundation’s motto. NYSC is an education centre in Katwe which aims at empowering youths into acquiring different skills.

The ambassadors representing the foundation chief were invited to give inspirational words to the students acquiring different skills at the centre.

Bettina encouraged the youths to save as little as they can, adding that it is a good start for long term investment. Reverse saving is a good technique and is something I encourage you to do,” Bettina Praising said.

“Do not despise jobs, it is you that fends for self and your family. Any job that betters you should be kept”, she added.

Bettina Praising also thanked the women amongst audience for being courageous enough to engage in such an activity in such an area.

“It is important you venture into something you are passionate about. Chances to succeed at it are beyond imagination” Bettina Praising.

She also encouraged them to practice agriculture saying it’s the way to go. Ambassador Ssegujja Herbert aka Teacher Mpamire who is in charge of education and youth at the foundation stressed that Bryan White Foundation initiative is to empower the youth in the country, the exact mission Ngabo Youth Friendly Service Centre (NYFSC) holds.

He advised the youths to know what they want and to never give up. “Know what you want, then do what it takes to achieve it and finally do it. We encourage youths to get involved in capital generating activities to sustain livelihood,” he said.

The foundation was impressed by the activities at the centre and promised that the big man Bryan White will soon pay a visit to the centre to offer more support.

The centre handles former street kids especially from ghettos of Katwe, one of the most notorious suburbs in Kampala well known for high crime rate.

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