Parliament Urgent Call Was Unsettling – Nabilah Naggayi Sempala

I find today’s urgent recall of Parliament extremely unsettling, As others have observed, what has become very urgent all of a sudden. Is it a clause in today’s amendment that has the magic wand to stop say ISSIS or Alshabab or ADF by its very enactment?.

MP Nabilah Naggayi Sempala

MP Nabilah Naggayi Sempala

My gut feeling is that this rush smells sinister, it is possible one of the proponents of the urgency wants to catch Parliament off guard and away from proper scrutiny. In terms of parliamentary procedure when did the committee conduct public hearings to enlist views on this amendment, excuse me when was it tabled and gazetted..pardon for me i have been poor at tracking house business.

We have to look out for the good or extremely bad intentions in this move. And WHEN IT COMES TO TERRORISM IT IS THE DEATH PENALTY. Let no one be pressured to pass it for the sake of urgency. It can catch a terrorist; it may catch a politician or even a totally innocent Ugandan.

Nabilah Naggayi Sempala
Kampala Woman MP

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