Parents seek help to save Kayla

A new campaign to save the life of Kayla Ruvuuza has kicked off. The young soul was locked in a car with her siblings and although the others came out safely, Kayla was not lucky as she suffered brain hypoxia and she now can’t see, sit or stand.

Her parents have a roganised a birthday party in form of raising money for her treatment at Naguru Hilltop on 23rd July 2017 and lunch to be for fundraising.

“Another day, another sad story somewhere out there. Another life to save. Another mother desperate to save her youngling. Yes We Can. Bobi Wine and all the other lovely people, Come save Dyna Vence Ruvuza’s Toto. Let’s be there at Naguru Hilltop on 23rd July to give Kayla a birthday gift she will never forget- A GIFT OF LIFE. Share, Tweet, Retweet & of course send mobile money to 0772 050 006 and 0752 050 006 in the name of Ahimbisibwe Dina Ruvuuza #Uganda4Kayla,”.

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