‘Opposition continues to live in denial’ – Frank Tumwebaze

The Minister for ICT and National Guidance Hon Frank Kagyigyi Tumwebaze who also doubles as the Member of Parliament for Kibale East County in Kamwenge district has said Uganda’s opposition parties continue to live in denial. The Minister was reacting to a tweet by Hon. Nandala Mafabi who said Mwiru’s Jinja East win was for the people who braved the rain and overcame fear.

Frank said the opposition win, they say people were brave and when they lose, they cry foul and condemn Uganda Electoral commission.

Hon. Frank Tumwebaze tells opposition to stop living in denial

“This is how you opposition continue to live in denial. When you win, you claim people were brave, when you lose, you cry foul and condemn Uganda Electoral Commission .Please play mature politics. Where you have support, you will win. Where you don’t have, you will not and Uganda Electoral Commission can’t give you victory you don’t have. Congs Hon. Mwiru,” Frank K Tumwebaze said.

This is what Nandala Mafabi had tweeted;

“Congs my brother Hon. Mwiru welcome back to Parliament of Uganda! This win is for the people of Jinja East who had to brave the rain, overcome fear and say no to repression and dictatorship. The militarization of our politics and elections could not stop the people to get their win,” Nandala Mafabi said.

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