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Tusiime Daphine shows off hot thighs as she misses her better half

Sexiest nurse Tusiime Daphine cursed this weekend after getting a long good look at selfies but she had no one to warm her cold weekend.

“It’s that time when I say honey I miss you,” were the words she posted on her wall accompanied by thigh display pictures.

I’m tossing the word “bodacious” at her and it’s definitely sticking because there really isn’t another word more perfect to describe her. I’m not sure who that man she was referring to as honey is but I sure hope he walked to her after the message. It would be impossible to find a better looking beach babe in Kampala and I don’t want to make my way out there only to be disappointed. I’m going to cross my fingers and keep hope afloat.

I actually may be the perfect man for her. I would never let such a lovely looking lady carry her own flip flops and start missing me. When a woman is that appealing she should be treated like royalty.

I wouldn’t build sand castles, but sand empires on the shores of Lake Victoria and crown her as queen. She’s allowed to rule over me any day and I’m only too eager to please. We could even start a dynasty on our own little slice of the Kalangala Island. I’m willing to show her the true definition of paradise if she lets me be her knight in shining armor.

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