Official Statement: High Court Matter Between Ambitious Group (Pty) Ltd and Fifi Cooper

Ambitiouz Entertainment have previously committed to updating the fans and media regarding the social media smear campaign and subsequent actions that took place on the 19th February 2017, including signed artist breaching contract. We would like to report that on the 22nd November 2017 in the copyright matter against Boingotlo Mooketsi (Fifi Cooper), The Gauteng High Court has ruled in favour of Ambitious Group Pty (Ltd) and the order is as follows:

  1. Fifi Cooper is interdicted and restrained from infringing the copyright in relation to all songs recorded whilst at Ambitiouz Entertainment, including performing in public, reproducing them in any manner or form, making and performing adaptations of the songs in public.
  1. She is interdicted and restrained from making any representations, on any media claiming ownership of the copyright and is to delete all the sound recordings in her possession under her control.
  1. She is to pay damages and royalties to Ambitiouz Entertainment, which will be determined by conducting an enquiry in terms of section 24 of the Copyright Act, the date of which will be set by the Registrar of the Gauteng High Court.
  1. Lastly, she is ordered to pay legal costs of the Ambitiouz Entertainment, including costs of two Advocates.

This judgement further proves that the legal and constitutional rights of Ambitiouz Entertainment were infringed upon by the departed artists and that Ambitiouz Entertainment will continue on it’s path in seeking fair justice for itself and for those it represents.

Ambitiouz Entertainment would like to thank the fans for the continued support throughout our journey of defining a new era and changing lives. Further updates on developments of other legal proceedings brought by Ambitiouz Entertainment will follow in due course including matters relating to A-Reece.

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