NWSC’s Strategic Approach in Partnering with Industries for Cleaner Discharges and Environmental Conservation

NWSC’s Strategic Approach in Partnering with Industries for Cleaner Discharges and Environmental Conservation

The industry-to-industry inspection exercise conducted by the Sewerage Services Department (SSD) of the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) is a proactive approach to engaging with customers and stakeholders, particularly industries connected to NWSC sewers.

The visit to Lake Bounty Ltd, a fish processing factory in the Nakawa Industrial Area, is a notable example of this initiative. Here are some key points and takeaways from the visit:

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Mutual Environmental Protection.
Both NWSC and Lake Bounty Ltd share a common goal of ensuring environmental protection. NWSC does not want to receive harmful discharge from its clients, which could negatively impact its biological treatment processes and lead to discharges that do not meet the required standards. This could ultimately affect Lake Victoria and the ecosystem, including fish populations. Given that fish is a significant raw material for Lake Bounty, protecting the environment is crucial for its business.

Technical Assistance.
NWSC, through SSD, expressed its willingness to provide technical assistance to Lake Bounty Ltd. This assistance may include suggesting improvements in wastewater management practices and encouraging the adoption of cleaner production techniques. Such support can lead to cost savings for Lake Bounty while also promoting environmental sustainability.

Tariff Concerns.
Lake Bounty Ltd raised concerns about the 100% tariff levied for domestic wastewater discharge into the sewers. This issue is a valid concern for industries, as it can significantly impact operating costs. NWSC acknowledged the concern and indicated a willingness to address it through dialogue and the appropriate channels. Finding a mutually beneficial solution is essential for both parties.

Cost Savings.
Lake Bounty Ltd highlighted that it had experienced cost savings on wastewater management since connecting to the public sewer, compared to the high costs incurred when using a state-of-the-art Effluent Treatment Plant. This is a positive outcome for the industry and demonstrates the benefits of utilizing public sewer services provided by NWSC.

Eng. James Maiteki in a statement to NWSC Digital Media outlined NWSC’s shift towards regulating industrial discharges into their systems, driven by the development of advanced wastewater treatment plants. The focus is on dialogue, collaboration, and partnership with industries to ensure cleaner discharges. While emphasizing environmental conservation, the corporation aims to establish strategic partnerships, with compliance measures as a future consideration if necessary. Lake Bounty Ltd is among the first industries engaged in this stakeholder-focused initiative, with plans to extend it to others connected to NWSC’s systems.

In a nutshell, the industry-to-industry inspection exercise is a valuable means of customer and stakeholder engagement for NWSC. It fosters collaboration, partnership building, and environmental protection. Addressing concerns such as tariffs and providing technical assistance to industries like Lake Bounty Ltd can lead to improved relationships and more sustainable business practices for both the corporation and its clients.

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