NWSC unveils Kapeeka Water works

NWSC unveils Kapeeka Water works

National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has unveiled its latest water works in Kapeeka as they target 12,000 villages.

The new water works will produce 3.5 million litres per day.

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“A bird’s eye view of the newly constructed 3.5million litres per day production capacity Kapeeka water works. The plant was built using money from our customers paying bills promptly. Thank you for making this happen,” NWSC posted.

NWSC has continued to lay water mains to extend water and serve our people in Fort Portal along Kampala road-Katosa, Kijjo-Nyakabara village and customers along Ntooma road. This is part of the ongoing #SCAP100 by NWSC aimed at extending water to over 12,000 villages in Uganda.

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