NWSC embarks on system tests for the new water stabilization plans designed to improve water supply along Entebbe Road

The National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has started testing newly completed projects that were designed to boost water supply along Entebbe road. Some of the works involved;

  • Upgrade of the booster station in Nsamizi- Entebbe to deliver more water to Kawuku and Kajjansi from the Entebbe network to cater for the growing demand
  • Upgrade of Namulanda booster station to double the current volumes of water being lifted to Akright reservoir for distribution to consumers.
  • Transmission and distribution pipe mains upgrade works in Bwebajja.
  • Construction of a new water reservoir and booster station in Bwebajja to stabilize water supply in Bwebajja and the surrounding areas.

* Installation of a new pump at Kitende booster station to serve Kitende and Kawoto areas.

The Entebbe Area Principal Area Engineer Tonny Ojok shared that the system tests once completed will boost supply to NWSC Abaita Branch (customers along Kasenyi road & Lyamutundwe); Kawuku Branch (Wamala, Ziiru, Ssisa, Lutaba, Sekiwunga , Akright, Kabulamuliro, Bwebajja, Nganjo, Dewe) ; Kajjansi branch (Lumuli, Makandwa, Nakigalala, Kitovu, Mazzi, Bweya, Kitende) and the surrounding areas.

The Corporation’s Managing Director Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha shared that due to the mushrooming developments along Enetebe road, the corporation is experiencing high demand for services. “Our engineers are working on a number of interventions to boost water supply along Entebbe road. These include; Nsamizi & Namulanda booster station upgrade and Namulanda network upgrade works which are now complete and under test. The systems will be fully operational within 2 weeks time.

He further shared that the Corporation is also looking at alternative water sources to construct two new mini water supply systems in Lumuli and Nakigalala. “The interventions are geared at improving the water supply situation along Entebbe road,” he said

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