Ngule to reward Masaza Cup top scorer

Ngule to reward Masaza Cup top scorer

Ngule Lager, the official beer of the Buganda Kingdom has set aside a cash prize of UGX 1 million shillings that will go to the Masaza Cup tournament’s golden boot winner. The 1st and 2nd runners up will be rewarded with UGX 300,000 and UGX 200,000 respectively by the Uganda Breweries beer.

The Masaza Cup is an annual tournament that has been played since 2004 and usually features nineteen teams from 19 different Buganda Kingdom counties. The teams that qualified for the quarter finals are: Busiro, Buddu, Gomba, Bugerere, Mawokota, Kooki, Singo and Bulemezi. Quarter finals will kick off on 23rd July 2017 with the 1st leg kicking off at 4pm and the 2nd leg at 3 pm.

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This reward is also in continuation with the celebrations in honor of The Kabaka of Buganda, His Majesty Ronald Mutebi’s 24th coronation anniversary on 31st July.  Just last month, the beer announced a price reduction to the Kingdom’s beer to UGX1,500 in commemoration of the celebrations.

Catherine Twesigye, the Brand Manager Ngule speaking at Bulange during the ceremony said that there was no brand best placed to reward exceptional talent than Ngule. “Ngule, loosely translated means Crown and that is why we have chosen to crown the best scorer of the tournament” she said.  “This prize has been named “Engule Y’o Mutebi Asinga”

Ngule, which was launched in January 2016, is the official kingdom beer produced under a partnership between Uganda Breweries and the Buganda Kingdom. This partnership consists of a revenue sharing agreement that is beneficial to both entities.

Sulaiman Sejjengo, the Chairman Masaza cup organizing committee said the Masaza cup, which is now in its quarter finals, has been very enjoyable but is increasingly becoming tense towards the finals.

He noted that during the previous games, fans have been invading the fields in big numbers and going forward any field without a perimeter fence will not be permitted to host any match.

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