New kid on the block Krina single ‘Tuachane’ featuring Contro Bwoy

New kid on the block Krina single ‘Tuachane’ featuring Contro Bwoy

Newest Kenyan sensation Krina drops ‘Tuachane’ ft Control Bwoy. The single is first of man tracks that are set to be released later in the year. Krina is an upcoming multi-talented rapper and producer under Dimax Entertainment.

‘Tuachane’ is a smooth track dedicated to his ex-girlfriend. The smooth  track has been produced by Kenya Brain Wash/Vicky Pon Dis under Dimax entertainment. The visual were directed by renowned award winning producer Trey Juelz. The song is a true story inspired by a situation he went through after dating an older woman whose pride put a strain on their relationship.

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Watch Tuachane:

Speaking on the new single an elated Krina says “Tuachane is a personal experience and is dedicated to my fans and any other person who has been through a rough patch in a relationship, if it’s not working out better leave than stay and regret later.”

The song which started off as a poem took him two years to finish and record in the studio.  He advises the rising talents not to give up but should instead listen to various opinions but learn to pick what suits them and their path.

His message to his fans following the release of his single, he says. “Kenyans should expect something they will be proud to be associated with. This is not ego, its confidence.”

Edwin Nyaga aka Krina is a Kenyan artiste born in Nairobi, and is signed to Dimax Entertainment Production.

Prior to the beginning of his solo musical career, Krina was part of a boy band “Strange Voices” that was disbanded due to illegal activities such as involvement in criminal activities among other vices.  These developments forced him to put his musical career on hold for a while until l 2012 during his birthday when one of his friends asked him to go on stage and rap. From then on he has never looked back on his musical career.  He later tried his hand on the piano and the guitar before proceeding to audio production at Gigs records in Kiambu which was owned by one of his friends.

In 2013, Krina recorded his first studio record in his hometown, Naivasha at Wanji records.  He later recorded 12 songs under his mix tape ‘Bad Things Happen’ which was not well promoted.  After a short stint to revive his musical career, the rapper later joined Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology for a business management Course in 2015.  While there he met Dimax Entertainment Manager Godwin who took him under his wing and introduced him to professional music production and rap.

In 2017, Krina recorded his first professional song entitled ‘Something for You’ ft Enrique.  The audio was mixed by Amoditech one of the fastest rising mixing engineers in the Kenyan music scene. This latest development marked the beginning of his professional musical career as an audio producer and full time artiste.

In 2018, Krina under Dimax management worked with renowned music producer Ilogos who has worked on most of his unreleased single and his first video ‘Preach’.

In 2019, the rapper challenged himself to get in studio, where he worked on his latest single ‘Tuachane’ ft Control Bwoy, an upbeat tune that is meant to captivate his fans and also introduce him official to the industry.

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