New Gin excites Kampala people

As government plans to pronounce itself on the ban on sachet alcohol, a new gin has hit the market.

Traders and the community around Kikuubo Market in downtown Kampala were on Friday afternoon treated to a purple date as Gabana Gin was launched in the area.

Retailing at UGX1,000, Gabana, which means to ‘share’ in the Luganda dialect, has been introduced to give consumers access to legitimate, affordable and safe alcohol brewed to the highest standards.

With the bulk of alcohol consumed in Uganda being unregulated and illicit, it poses great health risks and in some cases death.

Consumption of cheap illicit brew is contributing to alcohol-related deaths such as the recent death of six people and hospitalization of several others in Kawempe Zone in Wakiso District. Another death was reported by the police last week in Bwaise as a result of consumption of unregulated alcohol.

Gabana is an affordable option for people who are currently consuming illicit and informal alcohol to safeguard them from the dangers of the crudely distilled options that are on the market today.

Gabana Gin is made from the finest quality spirit in Africa and is locally sourced from here in Uganda.

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