NBS TV Digital Guru Danze Edwin Shares His Tips And Insights Of Online Marketing

NBS TV Digital Guru Danze Edwin Shares His Tips And Insights Of Online Marketing

Danze Edwin is a producer, radio presenter, TV show host, content curator, content creator, campaign designer, campaign collaborator, influencer, brand ambassador, gamer, and movie lover.

Last week he was promoted to a new post at Next Media as the Chief Marketing Officer.

Unlimited Internet - Uganda

Danze has a lot of great experience when it comes to doing online content and one may call him the King of Online content because he understands and knows what to do as long as he has his phone fully charged with enough data loaded. 

Many have not really got enough counters with him but believe me when you get a chance to meet him, you will not be the same again because you will get to learn a lot of things to do with online marketing.

According to Danze the Chief Marketing Officer at Next Media explains that his focus was just doing social media marketing before he expanded it and made it more online marketing specializing in social media and community management.

Speaking of some of the achievements he has benefited from, Danze says one achievement that he has got is building a sustainable, functional, interactive audience through engagement. 

“My journey has evolved into content curation, content creation, and strategy.

I have become a brand custodian, taking care of not just one but over 18 brands, being part of over 30 prominent campaigns, creating lasting brand strategies, and currently focusing on brand launches.

Danze in the middle, On the Right in Red is NSB TV C.EO.

I do training and have facilitated at institutes like Digicon Academy, Artfiled, and Media Challenge Initiative and I had a chance to talk with the youths on how to use online marketing.” “Back then were really not good, we didn’t have the streaming capability on social media, especially Facebook, and YouTube but we pulled off and we used to build audiences mainly on Facebook. And now things are different a lot of things are present, “said Danze.


He started his Digital Marketing work in 2011 working at Sylvia Our boutique. 

He later joined Fireworks Advertising in 2014 before it changed to  Brain Child Burson-Marsteller in 2015.

In 2017 joined Next Media Services as the Head of Digital Marketing.


He studied at Kalinabiri Primary School, then joined Budo Junior School. For his O’Level went to King’s College Budo and A’Level Ndejje Senior Secondary School. Later joined Makerere University where he offered Industrial and Fine Art at Makerere University

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