NBS Television continues to soar, becomes viewers’ choice for COVID-19 coverage

NBS Television continues to soar, becomes viewers’ choice for COVID-19 coverage

With the search for hope high on the agenda as Uganda continues to fight through the COVID-19 pandemic, NBS Television has fast-become the chosen platform for many viewers for information about the Coronavirus pandemic.

From screenshots of how many are watching the various government communications on the pandemic, to the references online about the station’s coverage of the pandemic, and many news agencies, local and international referencing them in their coverage of COVID-19 in Uganda, the evidence of NBS Television’s dominance at the moment is overwhelming.

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And the Media Plaza-based TV station is not resting on its laurels. They at the beginning of this week launched a special bulletin focused on updating Ugandans on everything Coronavirus, airing daily at 4:30 pm.

Among the issues, this bulletin has been tackling fake news about the pandemic. They have fact-checked information circulating on social media, which has been a major area of concern for many.

All stories have been satisfactorily dug into, with incidences where senders have been tasked to present evidence on their stories also seen. Calling in of associated parties in the stories has also been seen, with interactions with authorities and experts also utilized.

This has come in handy with the amount of fake news that has taken up the cyber space at the moment.

With many now electing to stay home, television has been the go-to medium for the latest information on the pandemic and more, and NBS Television have shown a great measure of preparation to fully utilize the opportunity for the bigger goals they may have in the future.

From image quality to content and consistency through this period, to the alertness of their personnel online and on air to what is happening in real time, for those still doubting NBS Television leading in the TV field, this is your time to think again.

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