Airtel Uganda Provides Free Access to Health and Education Portals Amidst Coronavirus lockdown

Zero rated websites to enable students keep up with their curriculum

In a bid to further mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic, Airtel Uganda has partnered with a number of websites to provide free access to health tips and updates as well as education material for the school going children who are currently at home.

This announcement comes a few days after the telecommunications company waived charges on the Airtel Money platform to enable subscribers send money to their loved ones at no charge and discourage the physical exchange of cash to curb the spread of the Coronavirus.

Currently, sending money from Airtel to Airtel is free for a period of 30 days as well as Airtel Money wallet to Bank and Bank to Airtel Money wallet. In addition, Airtel Money Pay charges to the customers and merchants is free.

Commenting about the partnership, Airtel Uganda Managing Director Mr. V.G. Somasekhar noted that these interventions are Airtel’s humble contribution to Ugandans during this critical period.

It is important for the school going Ugandans to keep up with their curriculum and for the entire country to get health tips free of charge, he said.

Access to the following websites is free of charge for purposes of healthy tips as we together fight against corona and share Education information for all the school going children at home.

Airtel has also ensured that all shops and branches remain open for the subscribers while conveniently following all safety measures, social distancing and availing sanitizers.

Somasekhar further pledged to continue supporting Ugandans during this period.

We know that with connectivity, communities here will be able to access reliable information to overcome this pandemic and improve their lives through trade, education and commerce and full offerings of Airtel Uganda’s reliable network,” he concluded.

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