Nagangsta releases new hit ‘Bounce’

Nagangsta releases new hit ‘Bounce’

There is so much talent in the Uganda’s Entertainment Industry at the moment. But because a substantial lot are trying to sing like Fik Fameica, there hasn’t been another break through since John Blaq, Daddy Andrea and more recently, Busoga’s new golden boy, Nagangsta. Yet it seems that while he is enjoying the limelight, courtesy of singles off of his ‘Vocation’ album, Nagangsta’s career is on the ledge.

It seemed like 2019 started with quite the bang for Brian Naganga alias Nagangsta. The accountant by the day, and musician by night shocked many when, at the start of a new year, he ousted a video, shortly after his management was pronounced bankrupt. A stance that got many talking, asking questions about his source of income.

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The versatile hip hop rapper, song writer and renowned legend in underground battles, might, as rumors will reveal, be on the next one. Source reveal that he got a new management that bankrolled his 30M video, as well as hiring a powerful PR machine in town.

We can only speculate at the moment. But we will surely share the developments as and when they unfold for Busoga’s Golden Boy.

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