Naava Grey applauds staying power of Afro-soul music

Naava Grey applauds staying power of Afro-soul music

It is without a doubt that Uganda’s music lovers have a soft spot for Afro-beats, but an Afro Beats song is generally regarded as bubble gum as it is the rave for a few months and is then forgotten.

In comes the likes of Naava Grey whose Afro -soul genre is timeless. The “Soka Lami” songbird who first announced herself to the industry in 2008 during the Tusker Project Fame competitions has proven that time cannot water down her music, as her bodies of work still reign supreme years after release.Naava took time off to appear on the NBS entertainment show, After 5, where the hosts had a number of questions for the singer, especially about her music.

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Afro-soul music still struggles with having major airplay on radio and TV and when asked about this, she cited the example of the legendary Maurice Kirya who stuck to his guns until Ugandans started gravitating towards his music.

“Maurice Kirya stuck to his genre of music till the people understood it. Afro soul needs someone who is dedicated and persistent,” she noted.

She went on to caution upcoming artistes that if they are not passionate in this music industry, they are doomed to fail.Her music is a mainstay on intimate private events and niche platforms like Tusker Malt Music Lounge.

She has also attracted the attention of international record labels, Sony music as well as superstars such as M.I Abaga, Speed, among others over time.

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