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Trick or Treat; Smirnoff, NTV Dance party to treat viewers to a special Halloween bash

As coronavirus continues to haunt the entertainment industry with President Yoweri Museveni saying opening up is envisioned in January 2022, one of the most anticiptated theme parties – Halloween will not be held physically.

But in the spirit of keeping Halloween Parties going, Smirnoff in partnership with the NTV Dance Party will celebrate the day with the show hosts Crysto Panda, MC Esco and the stunning Etania who is standing in for Lynda Ddane donning crazy costumes, thrilling music from the spin doctors VJ Baby Love, DJ Mark Rebel and special Smirnoff Halloween cocktail recipes from the Amplified Bartenders.

“Every party needs a signature cocktail and this trick or treat day would be incomplete without our special Smirnoff Halloween cocktail. We are counting on our consumers out there to pick from the TV Special and recreate their own drinks as we celebrate the holiday.” said Annet Nakiyaga, International Premium Spirits Brand Manager at UBL.

Whereas many theories revolve around the origin of Halloween, the day that is celebrated every October 31 has evolved into a fete were people engage in joyous celebrations to mark the age-old tradition against spirits.

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