‘My 4-year Journey as the Katikkiro’- Owek. Peter Mayiga

Owekiitibwa Charles Peter Mayiga has today made four years as the Katikkiro of Buganda Kingdom. He was appointed on 12th May 2013 and his reign has seen many developmental changes happen in Uganda’s biggest Kingdom. The Katikkiro narrated his 4 year office ordeal journalists today at his offices in Bulange, Mengo.

Katikkiro talking to journalists today

He while talking to Online Journalists, said that when he was appointed, his main focus was the attitude of the people in Buganda, as having been affected by apartheid, their thinking that any form of development had to be by outside help, the disunity amongst them and the fact that at that time the kingdom was operating without set systems to be followed by everyone. He looked at people as having given up on developmental issues at institutional and personal levels.

“In these four years, I together with the ministers appointed by the Kabaka, and heads of departments have worked towards uniting the people of Buganda, regardless of their political denominations, or religious differences as long as one respects the Kabaka.

‘Okuza Buganda Kuntiko’ by preserving and promoting of the Heritage of the Kabaka, Protection of land and borders of the Kingdom.

The completion of Masengere which now houses most head offices of most of Buganda’s organisations such as CBS, BBS, BLB.

Completion of all houses of attendants at Kasubi tombs, completed the perimeter walk and we are towards the completion of the ‘Muzilampanga’.

He further noted that as a way of dealing with the apartheid way of thinking by the people in Buganda,  he started and ran the ‘Etoffali’ project  for three years which collected Shs13bn and its estimated that approximately Shs11bn was from ordinary people across the country.

“Moving forward, we shall concentrate on what has been established such as the BBS TV, Majestic brands, Ekyapa Mungalo Project and so on.

He in addition promised to accredit all journalists covering Buganda affairs and adviseD journalists to always communicate and work hand in hand with security agencies.

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