MultiChoice Uganda launches POPI Comedy Series on Pearl Magic Prime Show to air on Pearl Magic Prime channels for DStv (148) and GOtv (303) subscribers

MultiChoice Uganda launches POPI Comedy Series on Pearl Magic Prime Show to air on Pearl Magic Prime channels for DStv (148) and GOtv (303) subscribers

Kampala: MultiChoice Uganda the home of great Pay-Tv entertainment launched POPI comedy series at National theatre in Kampala.

POPI is a fictional comedy series set in Lampaka town in Zuganda, that depicts the lives and challenges of five major characters who are members of the Lampaka Police Force and how they relate with the general population. The show officially premiered on 21st April on Pearl Magic Prime on both DStv (148) and GOtv(303).

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Speaking at the launch event, Rinaldi Jamugisa, PR and Communications Manager, MultiChoice Uganda commented on the company’s commitment to providing viewers with the best viewing experience through local content production as a paramount part of its hyper-local strategy.

“At MultiChoice Uganda, we have always believed in the power of entertainment and how it shapes lives. We are committed to providing our viewers with the best possible viewing experience, and one of the ways we have achieved this is through our investment in the local film industry,” Jamugisa noted, adding that, “We believe in the ability of laughter to unite us, and that is why we are excited to bring you this hilarious new comedy series on Pearl Magic Prime with an unwavering commitment to continue providing diverse and entertaining content to our viewers with the best of Ugandan entertainment.”

Investments in local productions has a positive impact on our economy, creating jobs and stimulating growth.
He stressed that, “The commitment of MultiChoice Uganda to local content is reflected in the partnerships we have established with the local film industry, working closely with our regulators, local producers, directors, cast and production crews to develop high-quality content that resonates with our audience.

Through these synergies, we have been able to create a pipeline of local content that has received critical acclaim and has been enjoyed by millions of viewers across the country.”

Brian Mulondo, the local content manager thanked Ugandan film makers for taking up the mantle by using their talents to advance the local film industry.
“We have a range of exciting projects in the pipeline, from drama to reality shows, and we are committed to providing our viewers with a diverse range of entertainment options. We aim to ensure that there is something for everyone in every family to watch on our platform.”
“The launch of this new comedy show is a testament to the success of our investment in local content. The show has already generated a lot of buzz, has already been nominated in the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards, and we are confident that it will be our viewer’s favorite,” he narrated.

“I would like to reiterate that our commitment to investing in award winning local content is paramount. We believe that by working with the local film industry, we can help to create a vibrant and sustainable entertainment industry that benefits everyone,” Mulondo concluded.

The show features some of the comedy stars from Fun Factory including Hannington Bugingo, Dickson Zzizinga, Veronica Namanda Kiwanuka, Richard Tuwangye, Catherine Bagaya among many others.
POPI airs every Friday at 7:30 pm on Pearl Magic Prime, Channel 148 on DStv, and channel 303 on GOtv.

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