MPs impressed by the UGX 240m litres-per-day Katosi Water Project, urge NWSC to be the benchmark of excellence for other Government projects

MPs impressed by the UGX 240m litres-per-day Katosi Water Project, urge NWSC to be the benchmark of excellence for other Government projects

The Parliamentary Committee on The National Economy yesterday took to the Eastern side of greater Kampala to tour the Katosi water project.

The expedition started at the Namugongo booster station which pumps water to Naguru reservoir through a 10 km, DN 700 ductile iron clear water pumping main.

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Eng Johnson Amayo, the DMD Technical services, who was flanked my Eng. Alex Gisagara (Snr. Director Engineering services)*, took the MPs through the dynamics of how the system operates to ensure customers get proper supply of clean water.

The law Makers were then guided to the Reinforced concrete water storage reservoir at Sonde with a capacity of *15 million* liters, where more insights were provided to the MPs. More facilities were toured which comprised of the Nsumba tanks and ultimately the Katosi main water production project.

During this visit of Katosi Drinking Water Treatment Plant, the MPs defined the project as Monumental achievement. In a Question and Answer session held at the Katosi facility, several Mps had nothing but praises for NWSC and its commitment to “Water for All” however some had concerns that the corporation was not doing enough to cater for the rest of the country.

They cited that NWSC is only fully operational in Kampala. Conversely though, Eng. Amayo his submission put this notion to bed by clearly outlining NWSC’s operations and projects all over the country. He put emphasis on the fact that National Water operates where the minister gazettes it to function.

He also fully explained the initiatives that the corporation has to ensure that water supply is boosted while protecting the environment. *“We are in coincidence with the forestry officials to restore the forest cover around Katosi so as to maintain the natural settings around the water plant,” he added.

Eng. Amayo in closing urged Parliament to continue approving budgets and monies meant for the escalation of water supply since Ugandans still need clean water in order to develop either through Industrialization, or domestic livelihood. He commended Government of Uganda for their commitment to sustainable development of the pearl of Uganda.

In all, The MPs were gratified that the project was completed on time and within cost as per financing commitments that Parliament agreed during the loan approval process in 2011 and 2019. *“This is a commendable project that Ugandans should be proud of. NWSC has showed that government projects can actually be executed in a timely, and competent manner. Other government utilities should seek for guidance from National water and seek ways on how take on projects and finish them without blemishes” said Committee Chairperson Hon. Ikojo John Bosco, also Bukedea County MP.

The 240 million litre per day capacity plant, was constructed to add more water to the Kampala Metropolitan Service Area. Whereas the intake can produce 240 million liters per day, the current capacity is 160 million liters per day. The additional 80 million liters will be added when demand increases.

The project was jointly funded by Development Partners *(EIB, AFD, KFW, EU -ITF)*, and counterpart funding from the Government of Uganda through the Ministry of Water and Environment and NWSC.

Katosi will serve over 7.5 million people in Kampala, Mukono and Wakiso upto 2040. The project also has a component to supply water to Katosi, Lugazi town and the surrounding areas.

Main Project Components of the Katosi Drinking Water Treatment Plant

• 500m of DN1500 Off-shore Water Abstraction Pipeline into Lake Victoria (laid on the lake bed at a depth of 11m)

• Intake Structure and Raw Water Pump station on the shore of Lake Victoria

• Drinking Water Treatment Plant (DWTP) & Drinking Water Pumping Station (80,000m3/d + 80,000m3/d)

• Ductile Iron Pumping Transmission Main (10km, DN1400)

• Four (04) No. Storage Tanks at Nsumba hill, each with a capacity of 10,000m3

• 33kV Power line extension from the new Mukono Industrial Estate Substation to the Katosi DWTP (over 40km)

• Administration Office Block, Laboratory, Workshop, Staff Houses

• Installation of SCADA and automation of the Plant operations

*Katosi-Kampala Transmission Mains

• 39km of DN 1400 ductile iron clear water transmission main from Nsumba reservoir to Namugongo

• 2.3 km of DN 500/600 to existing reservoirs at Mukono and Seeta

• Reinforced concrete water storage reservoir of capacity 15,000 m3 at Sonde

•Booster station at Namugongo with two duty and one standby water pumps

•10 km of DN 700 ductile iron clear water pumping main, from Namugongo booster station to the existing Naguru reservoir.
•Staff houses at Sonde reservoir site and Namugongo booster station site.
•Installation of SCADA system.

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