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Moze Radio family accuses promoter Balaam Barugahara of conspiring with Jeff Kiwa to grab the deceased’s property

Stay away from us, Moze Radio family tells Balaam

The family of the late talented singer Moze Radio real Moses Sekibogo has warned promoter Balaam Barugahara to stay away from them. They accused him of failing to account for the money he got to organise the burial.

Meddie and Frank Sekibogo addressing the media today

Frank Sekobogo, the deceased brother and Meddie Sebbanja also a family member while addressing the media at their home in Nakawuka today accused Balaam of plotting to also sell the deceased’s property and give part of the money to former singer’s manager Jeff Kiwanuka.

Frank described Balaam as a traitor. “We thought he was a total friend, he is the only person I allowed in the intensive Care Unit as deceased was being treated but it has come out that he is traitor conniving with Jeff to sell of the property, we ask Balaam to stay away from us”.

He accused the promoter of eating part of the money meant to organize the burial as well as money for the orphans. “Balaam started saying we sell of the Makindye House and give part of the money to Jeff Kiwanuka at the mortuary, we couldn’t believe what he said. Bryan White gave him 10m for the Kagga burial function but to our surprise there was no stage which he said he was going to put, the sound system was so poor, people were chased away from chairs and tents when it was not yet time and the 4000 chairs he said he was to bring were short of that so what did the 10m do,” Frank said.

They also told the media that Balaam together with Jeff hired people to steal the deceased’s property from his Neverland home in Makindye. It was also revealed that Balaam today morning went to deceased singer’s lawyer Katende Ssempebwa demanding that they sell off the property.

The family has however thanked his President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for the financial help he extended during treatment and burial of the talented singer, Bryan White who has paid for the completion of the unfinished houses as well as paying 15m to house the grave of the fallen star and works are ongoing. They also thanked Case Clinic for the effort they put in to save Moze’s life though it wasn’t possible.

Frank also said Balaam has been taking away their mother Jane Kasubo on many occasions and they don’t know where they wound up to. “He has been taking away mummy but we don’t know where, people have been coming here to console her but they couldn’t find her because she would be away with Balaam and we don’t know where he has been taking.

They also revealed that the hospital is set to return the unused money totaling to UGX 29m, they also thanked Bobi Wine, GoodLyfe, Uganda Musicians association members, the Kagga people, Sylvia Owori, NRM, Balaam Barugahara and all those people that were there during the sad moments.

Meanwhile works to complete the unfinished house the singer left behind is under way courtesy of Bryan White. The family said they are happy with him for being there for their mum and helping to fulfill Moze Radio’s dream of making a decent home for his mum.

Work to complete Radio’s mum house has kicked off

Bryan White will also give keep giving upkeep to the late singer’s mum

Also ongoing are works to build the house for the grave of the deceased and Meddie Sebbanja told the press that it will cost 15m which is being paid by Bryan White.

The house for the grave is also under construction

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