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Model Chelce Kalz sizzles in photo shoot

‘If he says yes no one can say no’

Chelce Kalz aka Shakira is some kind of fantasy girl. The young sweltering hot model has pulled herself up in this business by her own bootstraps, or make that, her own thong, and built herself a large social media and popularity following leading to modeling gigs. So good on her. Even much better for us leering gentleman.

Kalz knows the secret art of being wanted. Well, not so secret. But it helps to post super thong asstastic dancing photos on Facebook in half shorts with underboob and perfect slender body hotness on bouncing display. It’s like the great commercial ever for anything everybody ever wanted and it probably took ten seconds to make. Production value being so overrated in show business.

Whatever you’re doing, Kalz, it’s working. Try doing the same, only thrice as much. My heart can’t take it but my other vital organs are kind of demanding it. Let’s push this baby to Warp 10 and see if this ship holds. Enjoy.

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