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Milestone: Desh Kananura set to celebrate 20th anniversary as Uganda’s Best Auto Trader in High end Cars

In June this year, rally ace and auto mobile seller Desh Andrew Kananura will be celebrating 20 years as seller of high end posh cars.

“This June 2018 we shall be celebrating 20 years of importing and selling some of Uganda’s finest cars.

Some of Ugandans finest cars that hit the streets we did it out of love, and we just refused to die in our own movie, end of.

My story began in 1998 June when I wrote my last exam at university in England I returned with 2 cars a BMW 850CSI & MBEZ C220 CDI that’s all I had and needed to start my car business home and away!

My journey has been quite interesting I have met the good, the bad & the ugly,” Desh said.

Desh Kananura’s 20th anniversary in June 2018 marks a long journey in high-end Auto-Trading for affluent and well-heeled Clientele. Desh is passionately focused on staying ahead of Uganda’s Car Market & as the undisputed leader in new mobility trends.

Twenty years (20) ago a much younger Desh Kananura sat in his Examination room in England writing his final exams. Little did he know that he was going to embark on the wildest journey of his career to establish and build Uganda’s leading niche Business Empire of high-end and top-of-the-range magnificent-Million-Dollar-auto business in the region.

The Ugandan Billionaire Mr. Andrew a.k.a “Desh or Desho” Kananura has built an illustrious career as a businessman and entrepreneur. Desh as he is popularly known has broken barriers by becoming Uganda’s market leader in the Auto Trading of the most expensive and most beautiful cars to the Country’s high end Customers and affluent clients all over the country.

Having an illustrious career, Tycoon Desh Kananura is the CEO of Panamera Holdings, Business Air Charter Services, CEO of Desh Rally Team among other holding companies.

Desh’s hard work, working smart, strong determination and strategic planning are the pillars of the Desh Business Empire.

June 2018 marks 20 years Anniversary in the business.

The Businessman narrates “My story began in 1998 June when I wrote my last exam at university in England I returned with 2cars a BMW 850CSI (below)& MBEZ C220 CDI that’s all I had and needed to start my car business home and away!”

“My journey has been quite interesting I have meet the good the bad & the ugly!!!”

“When I finished university I wanted a job but to get a job I needed experience and to get experience I needed a job?

Now I have experience but I don’t need a job!

Believe in yourself & you shall create jobs!

Just saying life is full of surprises”, Quote by Desh Kananura – Billionaire Businessman, Certified Pilot & WRC Car Rally Champion.

Tycoon Desh Kananura further recollects “I wrote my last exam with my luggage next to my table very excited to come back to Uganda and make a difference I imported 2 cars a Mercedes C 220 and this beast BMW 850i in the picture below i bought this car in 1996 and from that I started my small business in Uganda with only 2 cars, I single handedly changed the motor industry consumers culture in Uganda by providing other alternatives than Toyota a lot of Ugandans had money and could afford but we’re scared of maintenance, URA will know we have money etc. I spotted the gap and the niche I went for it.”

He says “Truth be told it paid off, But as i pressed on unfazed of the many challenges I have met along the way along came a spider.”

Mr. Kananura says “After University I never come looking for a job I created jobs? I created revenue for the country. In kind of Import taxes and so on but guess what from my 4 DESH private plate I came with to Uganda personalised numbers or plates where born in Uganda. The essence of this is to encourage you to persevere there is no such thing as a free lunch? You don’t have to do what you went to school for.”

He adds” Reinventing one’s self is the most versatile tool you may have. 20yrs on am doing what I didn’t go to school for 1995 I started university and I was selling cars just to be able to make ends meet I started working when I was 18yrs of age am not wealthy but am healthy. “

Desh advises the youth that “To the youth stop feeling sorry for your selves government owes you nothing!!! I lead by example I have never supplied or done a government deal or had any favours, from the state never looked for a job, i have been creating jobs! We don’t talk about it we are about it! I have been fighting my corner! You do the same TGIF. In God we trust all others pay cash.”

On his Facebook page alone, Desh has a cult-following of 68,070 people, fans and followers. He is an idol for many youths across the country.

Billionaire Desh Kananura has promised an exclusive into his long 20 year old journey in Auto Trading.

” Panamera season 1, loading the whole 9yards the real true story, To be continued. . . . .”

Stay online with us here at for more on his story.

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