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Kick boxer Titus Tugume awards Bryan White, lauds work of Bryan White Foundation

 Titus Tugume should act as an example, Bryan White tells the youths

Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) kick boxer Titus Tugume who recently won two gold medals and silver at Pan African games in US has awarded a certificate of appreciation to Bryan White Foundation boss, Bryan White for the great work he has done for him.

While receiving the award, Bryan White welcomed Tugume and promised more support from the foundation.

“We welcome everyone at Bryan White Foundation. This is a home for everyone. Come and join us and we build our country. Tugume has been in kick boxing for long time. At Bryan White Foundation, we shall continue supporting him. I appeal to the youths to come up and act. Time is now. No more talking let us come and act, time is not on our side,” Bryan White said.

“Am not a politician, neither will I join politics, we should as Ugandans join hands and work together for the betterment of our nation. Let’s concentrate on making Uganda better than flying out for odd jobs (kyeyo). Youths should spare time off social media and divert their energy towards working for their future and communities. Change begins with us, am a nobody, am a simple peasant who loves to help. We are good off as workers not beggars,” he added.

“Why sale off your property to fly outside yet you can make it in Uganda. Social media has spoilt this generation, rather than work, you are just there abusing those who work and are trying to empower others. “Let’s deal with reality, fantasy life only ends in movies, Tugume is a big inspiration to the masses of youths, even with access to a gun, he decided to represent his country through his talent. Use however small capital to start something for yourself, it’s never late to start anything for yourself (especially the youth). I thank the president of Uganda for the freedom given to all sectors in the country (Tugume is a living example in the army, who was given freedom to express his talent unlike the years way back, “he said.

“Instead of talking this and that, join me and we push the nation out of poverty. We welcome Titus Tugume and promise to continue supporting him. As youth, we have failed to work because we have resorted to the talking about who owns this and that. Leave propaganda alone and get to work. Let us love our nation and work. ‘Wolokoso’ won’t help any of us. We love good life but we don’t want to work for it and we instead waste our time on issues that don’t add anything to our lives. If you say good morning to one you stay within the house the next day, know that we are badly off,” he added.

He once again rubbished political talk. I don’t have anything to do with politics and said he will never.

“Our country is so nice and beautiful and that’s why it’s called Pearl of Africa. Let us wake up and perform to our best. I appeal to all youths out there howling insults on Facebook to instead join us and we fight poverty and do away with begging,” he said.

He said her is here to help his country, build it as a nation. “If you have been offended by work, don’t give it attention. Don’t waste your time on me or my work,” he said.

Tugume thanked Bryan White foundation and Bryan White for the great work he is doing. I thank him for what he has done for me and the entire nation. I wish him all the best and I am happy to work with him. What he has done no one has ever done it for me in my life. I appreciate his work,” Tugume said.

Recently Bryan White gave Titus Tugume and team UGX 15m after he won two gold medals and silver.

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