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Meet the super model who “Inspired” Nameless on his latest love song video taking over East Africa

Maureen Waititu is the sexy model who featured in Kenya singer Nameless’ latest love song ‘Inspire’. Showbiz Uganda (SB) tracked her down on the streets of Nairobi and she exclusively for the first time after she featured in the video talked to us about her career and life. Read on…

Here is what she had to say;

SB: What’s your real name?

Maureen: My real name is Maureen Waititu

SB: Tell us about your career and hobbies?

Maureen: By profession I am a Lawyer, however I am currently working as a Client Service Executive at a corporate branding and production Agency. I am also running a business called Life and Mauhair which was born out of one of my hobbies, that is, DIY whereby I make beautiful hair units namely wigs and sell them online. I also enjoy modeling and acting.

SB: How did you end up in Inspire Video?

Maureen: I got approached by producer J. Blessing who thought that I fitted the profile brief which Nameless had in mind for the video and when I heard the list of songs he had set up for shooting, I fell in love with Inspire of which I am forever thankfully for being a part of.

SB: How many other videos have you ever featured on?

Maureen: I got featured in Redsan’s featuring Nyla of Brick & Lace “Touch me There” a few years ago.

SB: What was your best moment in the Inspire video?

Maureen: Everything! The entire crew was a winning team such that there was not even a single dull moment throughout the shoot even though we were tired from travelling all the way from Nairobi to Ol Tukai Lodge in Amboseli the previous night. However, the moment that stood out the most for me was the drone shot which required Nameless and I to get out of the fenced area and very close to the wildlife. I was expecting a lion to jump out an attack any moment and thus the adrenaline kept me going!

SB: Video vixen earn a lot to be featured on videos can you tell us how much in zeros you made on that particular video of a great celebrity from Kenya?

Maureen: First, I really loathe it when I’m referred to as a video vixen especially with the unfortunate sexual objectification that comes with it. I am just a professional model who executed her work accordingly. That said, I choose not to state what I got paid.

SB: What’s your height?

Maureen: I am 5ft7

SB: What’s your favorite food?

Maureen: Hmm I love spinach, minced meat and Ugali any day!

SB: What experience did you learn on the Inspire video?

Maureen: I got a reminder that once you put your mind to something, it always falls into place. I also realized how underrated local tourism is as I got to see my country from a different perspective and I experienced our warm Kenyan hospitality in Ol Tukai Lodge.

SB: Which other celebrities would you like to feature in their video?:

Maureen: Perhaps Nameless again.

SB: How much should any artist put on the table for you to consider being in their video?

Maureen: I am not planning to pursue appearing in videos in future therefore I really do not have an answer to this.

SB: What’s unique about you being in anyone’s video?

Maureen: As an individual I am very picky on the projects that I take especially if I do not relate with the concept that an artist has in mind, I always deliver what is required of me and I believe that my personality shines throughout my work.

SB: What advice do you have for the upcoming video vixen

Maureen: Again I will refer my definition of “vixen” to a professional model who appear in videos. My advice would be that you do your research, understand the artist, understand the song, don’t lose yourself, be confident and kill it!

SB: Name 3 best kind of make ups you used on Inspire video and also advice which kind of makeup should one avoid on their faces?

Maureen: I had a lovely team doing my wardrobe and makeup on board. My makeup artist used some amazing products especially the foundation which stayed fresh the whole day. Thus with makeup, avoid using too many products. Less is always more!

SB: What was your best and worst shot on the inspire video?

Maureen: I especially really loved the evening shot which I did facing Mt. Kilimanjaro in the evening and the following morning. The lighting was amazing and the background was out of this world! I really did not have a “worst” shot. I have to emphasize that this was a very successful project.

SB: What didn’t you like about the whole video that can be improved next time interns of plan, dress code, time of rest etc?

Maureen: My only wish was that we had more time to get more shots especially with the beautiful scenarios facing Mt. Kilimanjaro, but both Nameless and Producer J. Blessing did a fantastic job in selecting the best scenes.

Check out Maureen in the video by clicking here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsd1w84LYxM&list=RDrsd1w84LYxM

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