Meet Galaxy FM’s Fast Rising Presenter, Haffy

From Being A Waitress To Radio Presenter

Galaxy FM 100.2 has grown exponentially into one of the most loved urban radio stations in Uganda today. Its presenters are one the factors that has led to its success. Showbiz Uganda managed to get in touch with one of the star presenter, Haffy, for an exclusive interview as below.

SU: Hi

Haffy: Hullo

SU: How are you?

Haffy: I’m Cool, thanks for asking.

SU: Tell us about yourself

Haffy: My name is Nabbanja Hasifa aka Haffy Powers. I am 25 years old. Born on 28th December to Mr. Kayibanda Ahmed Mrs Namata Daisy. I am the 2nd born from a family of four, two girls and two boys. I am a Muganda from Namanve, Kiwanga village in Mukono district. But my parents live in Masajja.

Haffy in studio doing her best

Haffy in studio doing her best

SU: Interesting; so which school did you attend?

Haffy: For Primary, I went to Kibuye Modern Parents’ School in Makindye. O’level I attended St. Lawrence SSS Ssonde and for A ‘ level, Kawombe Memorial School, Sseguku. I then joined Jinja School of Nursing and Midwifery. I’m now at UMCAT doing a diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication.

SU: Very impressive, so what is your work background because your education background is very strong?
Haffy: I worked as a waitress and then as a Public Relations Officer at Club Amnesia. Did customer care for Blue Cube and later joined Galaxy FM in February 2015.11143344_689428094523358_4430077407100635692_n

SU: Wow, I think I have remembered your face; you used to serve me beers, I used to admire you. Some ‘ka’ hot babe!

Haffy: (laughs) Really?

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SU: Anyway tell us about how you joined Radio presenting?

Haffy: First of all I have been working for the same boss (Mr. Innocent Nahabwe) so he has nurtured me. I requested him to help me join the customer care department at Blue Cube because I wanted to go back for studies and the only way I could do that was by quitting work at night. He went ahead and offered me that chance. After one year at Blue Cube, I told him that I can do radio presentation. He first ignored me, but after some time he called me and asked if I could join the radio marketing team? I accepted. He told me how I could do it, gave me books to read I gained interest and started meeting clients. But every time I kept reminding him about giving me a chance to do presentation. One time the chance knocked at my door and he told me to go to production and do demos. I did several demos with the help of the producers, the whole team plus my fellow presenters, who believed in me. Almost everyone liked my voice and confidence. He then asked the producers, production manager and fellow presenters to help me in anyway. I’m a good listener and love learning so I did my training for 3 months and then joined air in February this year.


SU: How do you find presenting so far?

Haffy: It’s interesting. I love what I do. I find Media life so different.

SU: And when did you join presenting and which program do you present?

Haffy: I joined in February 2015. I do ‘Morning saga Akasambatuko’ with Maria-T and Kerekere.

SU: Away from Radio stuff! Exactly what was your childhood dream?

Haffy: To be a doctor, but am one person who goes with whichever life brings. I do not underestimate any job. For as long as I’m not selling my pu**y.IMG_20150520_155520

SU: Which is a good attitude! So which is your dream holiday destination?

Haffy: Los Angeles

SU: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Haffy: In five years…I see myself as the best radio presenter and a married woman, with a baby at least.

SU: Talking about marriage, tell us about your love life.

Haffy: Love life?

SU: Yes, your love life!

Haffy: I am in a relationship. What else do you want to know about my love life?

SU: Who is the lucky man?

Haffy: I will let you know when the right time comes.

SU: Very well then, what makes you fall for a man?

Haffy: I love a man who listens, who is very free, understanding, and not shabby though not so gentle.


SU: Who is your idle and which celebrity do you look up to?

Haffy: Bonang Matheba is my idle. I also look up to Gabriel Union. Here in Uganda…I don’t look up any but I love and respect hard working celebrities who came from nowhere and they are doing quite well now. For example Eddy Kenzo and Sheebah Karungi.

SU: What is your Favourite dish?

Haffy: Irish and vegetables.

SU: Your best romantic encounter?

Haffy: My best romantic moment is kissing and holding me tightly around showers.

SU: Nice, are you into sports? What is your favourite team here and abroad?

Haffy: (with a confused look on her face) Sports?? You have defeated me, I don’t know anything about sports!

SU:Hehe, Ok. What is your unforgettable radio moment.

Haffy: The first day I went on air…I was so nervous. I almost gave up.

SU: What is your message to those who want to do the same?

Haffy: To first of all believe in themselves. Other people’s opinions don’t matter for as long as you know what is good for you. Love your job, respect your bosses and be a good listener although learn to sieve also.

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