Meet Daphne Karungi, the girl accusing Pharouque Sempala of conning her

Dress your manhood – Daphne tells Pharouque

Netherlands based Ugandan lady Daphne Karungi has accused Zari’s ex lover Pharouque Sempala of conning her millions of shillings.

Daphne Karungi has warned fellow ladies of Pharouque's behaviour

Daphne Karungi has warned fellow ladies of Pharouque’s behaviour

She is accusing the self claimed bad boy of conning her of Shs 80m meant for her ongoing construction project in Kampala. Although Pharouque has publically come out to deny the accusations, a number of women have accused him of conning them in form of being their lover.

Daphne Karungi

Daphne Karungi

Daphne warned fellow ladies of who Pharouque is. “Watch out of this man, he takes his manhood live so you ladies out there make sure he dresses up his stuff before he makes you otherwise you are trouble. Can you imagine, he wanted to enter me live,” Daphne said.

Pharouque has previously moved out with socialite Zari Hassan and actress Julie Underwood but relationships have ended bitterly.

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