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Lisa Mandy welcomes baby boy

Socialite and former model Lisa Mandy shocked her friends and followers when she posted pictures of her newly born baby on social media. The socialite has successful hid her pregnancy for nine months and not even anyone posted her she was pregnant until she did it over the weekend.

“It was a wonderful?? Pregnancy cuteness year 2017?????? glowing and surrounding myself with real people, these people in my album made my pregnancy the best though a few people are missing, we all thought it was a girl scan told me so but on meeting it was a prince, don’t mind about the pink”, Lisa said after posting pictures of her baby shower.

Not even a single journalist knew that the Helsinki, Finland based socialite was pregnant. It was shocking when she posted on her wall everything complete.

“People help me welcome my biggest blessing, my bundle of joy, my first born, my guardian angel that God has sent me, born at 2:58am 2nd of November. As I write this he is in good health and so am I just excited can’t wait to mother you spoil you with kisses and provide the best life possible for you. I love you Marcel. Thank you God a trillion times for this beautiful blessing. If you have been wondering why I have been MIA, it’s because I have been baking Marcel.

In God I believed he sent me pure love, you don’t know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have,” Lisa posted.

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